ELC e-learning Consulting includes:

• Advise on the choice of platform
• Technical implementation of the platform
• Consulting on the execution of e-learning projects
• Consulting on the creation and implementation of didactic e-learning concepts
• Support on production

The benefits for companies and universities (of applied sciences):

• Outstanding quality
o A high level of endurance of the acquired knowledge due to the 3 phases model
o Phase 1: e-learning with case studies
o Phase 2: face to face classes / coaching
o Phase 3: Assessment: application in real situations
• Cost savings due to:
o e-learning instead of face to face coaching
o Elimination of travel costs, accommodation expenses, seminar room…
o Tailor-made academies with master upgrade available

Your plan by 11 stages for your individual e-learning offer:

1. Demand analysis
2. Definition of training goals
3. Exact description of learning content and method and definition of learning outcomes,                            knowledge and skills
4. Didactical concept: pure e-learning or blended learning
5. Implementation in regard to content and technology
6. Pre-testing and finetuning
7. Do 1: e-learning phase
8. Do 2: face to face classes / group coaching
9. Do 3: assessment – application in real situations
10. Evaluation
11. Feedback loops

Further information on the ELC method
Your contact person:
Michael P. Schermann
Mag. PhDr. Ehrenprofessor
CEO Managing partner
e-mail: schermann@e-learning-consulting.com
tel: +43/664/39 51 468
fax: +43/3352/38 316