e-learning Consulting


e-learning Consulting

We teach what we practice, we practice what we teach.

We, ELC GmbH, offer new learning technologies to our customers in order to motivate their employees and provide sustainable knowledge – tailor-made, practice-oriented and constantly. Briefly: ELC GmbH is the expert when it come to the provision of learning contents and consulting! The didactic concept and scripts are based on the longtime experience of our partners and associates. ELC GmbH is supplier of tailor-made and comprehensive e-learning contents and services that ensure efficient, effective and lasting e-learning.

ELC GmbH concentrates on the creation of:

  • practice-approved contents for companies to train their employees and
  • contents for universities (of applied sciences), that have been part of several master degree courses since 2009.

ELC e-learning modules and blended learning modules ensure the sustainability of knowledge transfer. Customer benefits are:

  • high quality, customer-oriented and practice-approved content
  • a considerably improved longevity of knowledge
  • distinct saving of costs.
  • practice-approved contents that are continuously revised based on customer feedback and business requirements.

In case of question please directly contact us: mail to Dr. Michael P. Schermann