The ELC method: Do or do not!

Do 1: Preparation – interactive e-learning platform

In regard to module content students generally prepare using our online platform. Here they will find extensive support: their learning progress can be self-evaluated by continuous multiple choice tests. Furthermore many practical examples are used to prepare for extensive praxtice-oriented case studies. In order to ensure optimal preparation there is the possibility to interactively communicate with the respective lecturer and other students. For this a hotline and subject-specific chat rooms exist.

Do 2: Face-to-face block in small groups

At the beginning of each face-to-face blick an entrance test with multiple choice questions will be conducted in order to ensure that all students have the same level of knowledge. After preparation the face-to-face tuition takes place which concentrates on important correlations and practical aspects that will contribute to the successful passing of the term paper. The term paper which is mainly desgined as homework must be completed before the beginning of the next face-to-face phase in order to ensure that students have enough time for preparation. During these phases the professional and methodical skills are applied to problems of business practice. Students benefit from the expert knowledge of the lecturer and experience exchange with fellow students. Another important aspect of the face-to-face blocks is the improvement of communicative and social competences.

Do 3: Rework

Students receive examples and case studies that will help ensure their learning progress and reflection capability in regard to applying to practice what they learn.