ELC online-learning with the ELC e-learning platform
Only a few steps to learning success:
• Blended learning with group coaching
• Interactive technology-based blended learning lecture notes
o Videos with summaries, explanations and interpretations
o Animated and dubbed slides
o E-learning content adapted to different types of learners
o Practical examples
o Complex case studies:
 To apply the learned knowledge case studies are used. These case studies reproduce existing companies from different branches. In regard to operational topics most case studies are based on MS Excel. These practice-oriented case studies are introduced and solved step by step based on different problems.
 Due to complex correlations sensitivity analyses can be used to deduce possible actions suitable for business optimization.
 The case studies are supposed to ensure that theory is applied in practice-oriented manner:
o Learning apps
o Online video consultations during the phase of distance learning (not for pure e-seminars)
o Hotline during the phase of distance learning (with guaranteed call within 24 hours from Monday to Friday) (not for pure e-seminars)
o Online chat with lecturers and students (not for pure e-seminars)
o FAQ area (not for pure e-seminars)
o Credit system as motivation and benchmark
o Control of chapter progress
o Results of MC tests and self-evaluation of examples
o Practice-oriented lecture based on scientific insights and group coaching during face-to-face phase: (not for pure e-seminars)
 Repetition of the theoretical and scientific part of content while focussing on the big points and superior perspectives
 Answers to open questions based on lecture noted
 Input by means of practical examples and experience of the lecturer
 Another important aspect of face-to-face tuition is the improvement of communicative and social competences.